Kinchow Minnow

Kinchow Minnow


These baits really look like a distressed baitfish with our signature flared "bloody red" gills - a truly natural look. A perfectly balanced, arched body. The Kinchou is recommended for cranking but excellent in deep water trolling. Covering depths from 2 to 20 ft (depending on size), this bait is perfectly balanced to float at rest, yet dive quickly when retrieved slowly. When trolled at a rapid pace, it just keeps digging deeper. Excellent for trophy Trout, and Salmon. 


5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Firetiger

5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Goby Glass

5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Purpledescent

5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Silver/Black Bck

5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Tiger Perch

5.1cm / 3.5gm. Colour Threadfin Shad

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Firetiger

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Goby Glass

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Purpledescent

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Silver/Black Bck

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Tiger Perch

7cm / 7.1gm. Colour Threadfin Shad

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